Recompense when you have been wronged

A person can inflict damage or loss on you in many ways. If you have suffered damage as a result of someone’s carelessness or negligence – or even malice – then the person must compensate you for this. The compensation should restore you to the same position as if the damage had never occurred.

In order for you to receive damages, there must be a clear link between the actions of the person causing the damage and the damage that you have suffered. It is the person who has suffered the damage that must prove such a link. The person who has suffered the damage must be able to show who caused the damage and that this person has been negligent and also demonstrate the value of the damage.

If the person who has caused damage to you or your property refuses to reimburse you and there is no insurance covering the damage, we can help you to pursue your case in court. This applies to personal injury and damage to property as well as financial damages.