When disagreements affect your children

Every child has a right of access to its parents, except in special circumstances. We will provide you with good advice on the custody, residence, access and maintenance of your children. If you are unable to agree, we will also represent you in court.

For us as lawyers, family disputes require particularly good judgement and excellent knowledge of children and their rights. We also understand how difficult these cases are and we always try to find sensible solutions for the children if agreement cannot be reached with the other parent.

Parents are responsible for their child’s upbringing, maintenance and education. The parents need to be able to agree on important decisions concerning the child. Conflicts between the parents often affect the children.

We can help you draw up well-written agreements concerning your children, which reduce the risk of future conflict. We also provide legal advice in more unusual cases, such as paternity, adoption and care of children in the event of involuntary treatment. In addition, we advise on international issues of child law.