Everyone must contribute

The parent with whom the child does not live must help the other parent with the costs of the child. Issues of maintenance can be governed by a voluntary agreement between the parents. The basis for this is that everyone contributes according to their financial means.

The maintenance required for the child’s basic needs can be calculated on the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s website.

When calculating the maintenance to be paid for a child, the starting point is to determine the subsistence costs of the child. These costs are then allocated according to the parents’ incomes.

If there is a large difference between the parents’ incomes, the child has the right to maintain the same standard of living as when the parents lived together. If there are leisure interests that are important to the child, a higher level of maintenance will be payable. If the child has expensive special needs, a higher level of maintenance must be paid than just the basic amount.

If the parents are unable to agree on how much maintenance should be paid to the parent with whom the child resides, this can be examined in court.

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