When large amounts are at stake

Your own home is often the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Defects, damage or disputes with tradespeople or the landlord, for example, can be an expensive business. You may encounter costly problems when selling or buying a freehold or housing co-operative property.

Be very careful with all agreements relating to your home. If you are in any doubt, engage someone to help you with this.

Always have the property inspected by someone with experience before buying it. If you are moving into or out of a rental property, inspect the apartment as soon as possible so as to avoid disputes.

Be very careful about renting out your home. If you live in a rental property, you must have the landlord’s permission and if you live in a housing co-operative property, you need the co-operative’s permission. Make sure that the tenant provides a security deposit for any damage and unpaid rent.

Always obtain references when hiring tradespeople and do not pay for work that has not been completed and approved.

Vernia Advokatbyrå can represent you in all kinds of disputes relating to your home. We make the necessary contact and try to achieve a settlement. Where this is not a viable course of action, we are highly experienced in pursuing cases in court.