If you own your home

If the seller promises that a particular thing is not defective, they are responsible for this promise. As the buyer, you should carefully examine the property you want to buy. You cannot obtain compensation from the seller retrospectively for defects that you have missed and should have detected during a thorough examination. Defects that could not have been detected are called hidden defects and the seller is responsible for such defects.

Limitations on the right to use the property can lead to disputes with neighbours and other third parties. Defects caused by craftsmen are covered by special rules that protect the consumer in the case of contracts for single-family homes.

Always engage the services of a surveyor when buying a property. A surveyor is better at finding defects and knows what to look for. If the surveyor provides inaccurate information or fails to detect a defect that should have been detected, they will be liable to pay compensation to you.

The estate agent has a responsibility to ensure that you are given accurate information when you purchase a property. If the estate agent fails in this duty, they may be liable to pay compensation.

We can assist you in disputes relating to the purchase of property, defects in the property and disputes with tradespeople and advisers. Where the dispute cannot be settled amicably, we are highly experienced in pursuing cases in court.