Where else you can find help

Many disputes concerning your home can be resolved with the help of interest groups, which have advisers and lawyers who help their members. There are several good websites where you can find useful information about the various problems that may arise in relation to your home.

If you are a tenant and a member of the Swedish Union of Tenants, you can obtain help from their lawyers. You will find the answers to many common questions on the union’s website. The regional rent tribunal operates telephone hours when lawyers are available to answer your questions about renting a home.

If you own a housing co-operative property, you will find good advice at www.omboende.se, which is a collaboration between the Swedish Consumer Agency and the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.
Many one-stop-shops have lawyers who can help you with matters relating to your home.

If you own your home, you can benefit greatly from being a member of an interest group, such as The Swedish National Homeowners’ Association. You will find the answers to many common questions on their website. The association has skilled lawyers who provide help to members free of charge.

If you are involved in a dispute concerning your home or you need to have your case examined in court, we will be happy to help.