When you cannot agree an amicable settlement

Payment disputes can arise in many different ways, such as through unpaid wages, IOUs, unpaid maintenance or non-payment for a product or service. In most cases, these can be settled amicably, but not always.

Sometimes people don’t want to pay their way. It can then be difficult to recover your money yourself.

You can start by applying for an order to pay from the Swedish Enforcement Authority. If the person who owes you money does not respond to the application or accepts the claim, the Swedish Enforcement Authority can help you obtain payment.

More common, however, is for the person who owes the money to contest the claim with the Swedish Enforcement Authority. The case is then passed to the district court. It is up to the person demanding payment to prove to the district court that a debt exists.

To pursue a case in the district court, you usually need to engage a lawyer.

At Vernia Advokatbyrå we have extensive experience of settling payment disputes both in and out of court and we will be pleased to assist you.

Contact us if you need help obtaining payment or if you have received a summons from the district court.