How to get paid if someone owes you money

If someone owes you money, you must first send them a claim in writing and you must keep a copy of this claim. If you do not receive payment, you can apply for an order to pay from the Swedish Enforcement Authority.

Forms are available for download from The Swedish Enforcement Authority will seek out the person who owes you money and serve a formal summons. If the person who owes you money fails to respond to this, you will receive a decision that can be used to recover the debt.

If the person refuses to pay, the Swedish Enforcement Authority will ask you if you want to pass the claim to the district court. You always have the right to have your case examined in court.

If the claim is for less than SEK 22,750, you can have the debt examined in court as a small claims case. This means a lower risk for you and also that the court will help you to resolve the dispute. The party that loses such a dispute only pays the application fee, SEK 1,698.75, in legal costs and, in rare cases, the travel and subsistence expenses of witnesses.

If you win the dispute, you will receive a judgement that can be used to obtain help from the Swedish Enforcement Authority in receiving payment.