Protection for tenants

Disputes relating to business premises often concern notice of termination by the landlord, unauthorised use of the premises and damage to the premises. It is important that the lease agreement clearly states what is the responsibility of the landlord and what is the responsibility of the tenant.

A party that leases premises for their business has indirect protection against notice of termination during the term of their lease. If a landlord chooses to terminate a lease or if they stipulate unreasonable terms for a lease to remain in effect, compensation may be payable for this.

If you wish to claim compensation, you must apply to the regional rent tribunal within two months of the notice of termination and request mediation. If you are unable to reach agreement through mediation, the matter can be examined in court.

Under certain circumstances, a party that leases premises has the right to transfer them to someone who is taking over the business. This requires the prior consent of the landlord but if this is not given, the seller can have the matter examined by the regional rent tribunal.

We can help you with all kinds of disputes relating to the leasing of premises. If a settlement cannot be reached, we can represent you at the regional rent tribunal and in court.