Wills and inheritance – look after your nearest and dearest

When a loved one dies, there are many issues you have to deal with. Relatives need to be informed of the death and the funeral has to be arranged, all while you are dealing with your own grief. Then there are all the practical things, like managing the deceased’s finances and drawing up an estate inventory.

When someone dies, they leave an estate. This is jointly owned by the parties to the estate and decisions concerning the estate must be taken by consensus.

If the deceased was married, a division of property is first made, after which an estate inventory of the deceased’s share of the assets is drawn up.

If there is a will, it is not uncommon for disputes to arise about how this should be interpreted.

If the parties to the estate are able to reach agreement, the estate is dissolved once the assets have been distributed through a distribution of estate.

We are there for you and we can draw up an estate inventory and distribution of estate. We also offer legal advice on all matters relating to wills and inheritance. We can assist you as a party to an estate in disputes concerning the estate.

If a will is wrong, we can pursue your proceedings to contest the will in court.

We can help you draw up a well-written will that provides security for your loved ones.

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