Insurance against future conflicts

A well-written will makes things easier for your loved ones and prevents future conflicts. If there is no will, or if the will is ambiguous, the law or different methods of interpretation determine how the property is to be distributed.

By writing a will, you can decide – subject to certain limitations – what happens to your assets after your death. There are often greater opportunities if you organise your affairs in a carefully considered will in good time. By clearly specifying how you want your assets to be distributed, you can prevent conflicts between your survivors.

If your will is unclearly worded – or if you have not written a will at all – there is an increased risk of conflict because the property will then be distributed according to the law or using different methods of interpretation. For a will to be valid, certain formal requirements must be met. If these requirements are met, you have considerable opportunity to decide how your assets are to be distributed.

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