When an employer terminates your employment

As an employee, you are protected by law against arbitrary dismissal from your job. This applies to all occupational groups but it does sometimes happen that employers dismiss their employees without reasonable grounds. This is where we can help you, even if you are not a member of a trade union.

Vernia Advokatbyrå is one of the few law firms in Sweden to represent wage-earners in labour disputes. If you do not have a trade union to help you, we can assist with matters relating to dismissal, termination of employment, unpaid wages and other remuneration. We can also help if your employer is demanding some form of compensation from you as an employee.

If your employer has not fulfilled their obligations in giving you notice of redundancy, you will be able to claim compensation for this.

If you have been dismissed or had your employment terminated for personal reasons, we will help you to obtain an annulment and compensation under the Swedish Employment Protection Act (LAS).

Annulment means that you keep your job and salary for the duration of the dispute and that you then return to work if you win the dispute.

Compensation means that your employment ends and the employer instead pays you compensation for breach of contract and loss of earnings.

There are very short time limits in employment law cases. If you have been dismissed or had your employment terminated, it is important that you contact one of our lawyers immediately if you want to have your case examined in court.

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