We are clear about the costs

The initial consultation is always free of charge. Often we can provide you with further help. If a dispute arises, we will send a claim letter and examine the opportunities to reach agreement. If this is not possible, we will initiate a process to seek funding, initially through the legal expenses cover of your home insurance.

Legal expenses cover does not apply in all cases. If you have an annual income of less than SEK 260,000, we can help you to apply to the court for legal aid.

The legal expenses cover of your home insurance often covers both parties’ legal fees up to a given ceiling, with the exception of the excess. Legal aid covers your own legal fees but not those of the counterparty, should you lose the case. If you receive legal aid, you must pay a legal aid fee ranging from 2% to 40% of the costs, depending on your income.

In custody disputes, you do not pay the counterparty’s costs, whether you win or lose. Home insurance rarely covers labour disputes and does not usually cover disputes relating to division of property and estate inventory either.

Unless otherwise agreed, before we accept a case, we will not take payment in excess of what we receive in legal aid and legal expenses cover.

We sometimes take an advance for the excess and legal aid fee, where we have agreed this beforehand with you as the client. If you are not eligible for legal aid or legal expenses cover, you must pay the costs yourself, but we can arrange a payment plan for this. You pay an amount in advance and then make payments on an ongoing basis as we carry out work for you.

Our hourly rate varies depending on the type of assignment. We can never provide any guarantees as to how a dispute will go. However, you can trust us to inform you about the risks and opportunities and to try and discourage you if we believe that the costs will exceed what you can win.